Undergoing a site restructure and repositioning of your brand are two of the most exciting and nerve-racking decisions a business can make. We know; we’ve helped enough brands go through it.

It’s all very well choosing your new brand and concept, but how are you going to handle the change from the old to the new? Who’s going to tell the search engines that your site is new and improved? Confusion over your company identity, social media handles and domain names could damage sales figures and your brand reputation. But those effects can be mitigated if managed correctly.

Whilst it’s got better over time, Google still doesn’t like major site changes. Changes in domain and/or URL structures are always going to have an adverse effect on your site and traffic, but if the correct SEO strategy is in place, your new brand can hit the ground running.

We can help with SEO for a rebrand, we can advise on changing social media handles, and we can help with a time plan for all the brand name or URL switchovers.