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Successful Google Advertising campaigns offer amazing returns and brand-building opportunities. It is your quickest route to market to get those bottom line revenues coming in.

But every Search and Shopping campaign needs the correct set up, and careful management. Close attention should be paid to competitor activity, as CPCs can inflate quickly. It takes time, patience and a lot of knowledge to get it right.

Google Search & Shopping


When a potential customer searches for a term or phrase, Google will show the user relevant ads based on the keywords used in the search. Businesses that want their ads to show on the search engine results page bid on keywords that they believe people will use when looking for their products or services.

The great thing about Search ads is you can appear in front of an audience that is Shopping with intent. Once they click, it’s then down to your website to convert them.

Google Search ad


For businesses that sell products, setting up a Google Shopping ad will be invaluable for bringing in that all important revenue. A little more expenses than Google Search ads, Shopping ads often provide much better performance, and ROI. We can help set up your Merchant account, your shopping feed and optimising performance.

Google Shopping ad - novel.