Sometimes the best approach to a digital project or strategy is to train you, the client, directly.

That way our years of knowledge and experience will be transferred to your in-house team, for you to use and deploy as you see fit.

Our in-house training sessions are designed to be bitesize and light-hearted. Most our training sessions are now conducted online, in one-hour slots, but we can also provide more in-depth face-to-face sessions that can last a half day or full day, depending on your requirements.

We can help you with different aspects of SEO, Google Ads, Copywriting, Storytelling, help with Google Tag Manager, GDPR & cookies and more.

We know a thing or two about training too. We’ve taught journalists to write for SEO (though they would never admit it), and we’ve spoken at various conferences and events on different digital marketing topics. We keep being asked back too, which means we must be doing a good job.

As well as the training sessions below, we can also put together a bespoke training session on the digital topic of your choice, whether it’s one hour on Google Analytics, or two hours on transmedia storytelling. Simply get in touch, and let’s have a chat to see if we can help.

Want To Discuss A Training Session For Your Company?