Digital and brand storytelling has been a key focus in the marketing industry for the last few years. Even so, it is still fascinating to watch brands start and fail when it comes to digital storytelling.

For many brands, digital storytelling requires a complete overhaul of their digital thinking. Stories have been told by people since the stone age. The best stories are still told by people, to people. Whether that is face to face, WhatsApp message or through video content on social media.

Every brand has a story. Every story starts with a person. The more salience, authenticity, emotion and natural communication a brand shows, the more likely people are to follow your story, understand it, and interact with your brand.

Digital storytelling isn’t a stand alone service, per se. It should weave through all your online communications and digital marketing on a daily basis.

We can help put in place the right foundations for success, help set your digital storytelling strategy and put in place the building blocks to help make your business become more human and personal online.

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