If you’re looking for a retail SEO agency specialist, then you’ve come to the right place. At novel we understand the nuances needed for a successful e-commerce site that performs across devices. Our focus is to bring your maximum conversions and revenue from your target audiences.

Product margin, seasonality, customer journey, new product launches and synergy with your wider marketing, social media and PR strategy are all considered when we look at your e-commerce SEO strategy.

There are thousands of e-commerce websites fighting tooth and nail for the best search ranking, for the same keywords and phrases you want to target.

Effective SEO for retail is a complex affair and it needs to be handled by experienced digital marketers who have seen how Google’s algorithm has changed over time.


We have worked in the SEO sector for the last 20 years, and during that time we have worked with a range of retail & e-commerce companies looking to improve their sales and revenue through Google and the other search engines.

Brands we have worked with include: Burt’s Bees, OOSC Clothing, OKA, BrewDog, Anna Scholz and Long Shot Drinks.

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