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Ever thought about stress testing your social media activity, but within a closed environment? Running a social media simulation can be a great way to understand how to improve your social media strategy, as well as customer service and response times.

Social media simulations aren’t just for social media teams. Our sessions can also be a great way to introduce people to the main platforms such as Instagram and Twitter without having to set up a profile themselves. In an age where privacy is of the highest importance, this could be the quickest and safest way to learn the ropes.


Work together in teams to create, manage and schedule content to be published on social media. Then connect the customer service team to ensure your audience receive answers to their questions and issues.


Not sure how to roll out your content campaign, or worried about the response you’ll receive? Simulate a campaign on social media and give your team the experience of launching in a private online environment.


Do you have staff that have never used Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social networks? We can run a training workshop to show them how to publish, how to engage in conversation, and how to measure the impact of their activities.


If the sh*t hits the fan, social media will be the first channel your customers and the wider public will use to try and get a response from you. We can help stress test your responses to various scenarios.


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